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Mektrin Motors offers leasing (renting credited) for vehicles that you can use for a certain period, making a monthly payment only for the portion of financing. This gives to customers the opportunity to have always a new vehicle, with no collateral. We offer you the opportunity to purchase and repayment profile or optimized according to your specific requirements. Our partner for this service are financial companies operating in our market; Credins Leasing, Landes Lease, Partner Leasing, Raiffeisen Leasing, Soge Lease, Tirana Leasing.

Below you will find some details about this purchase order:

  • Interest EURIBOR + 5% - 8% min Euro
  • Does not require collateral, is its vehicle.
  • Funding up 70% of the purchase value
  • * Duration of funding 6 to 60 months for new cars.
  • * If they are used should be no more than four years and the duration is under the age of the vehicle.
  • * Duration for trucks and buses 10 years if new used depending on the age of the vehicle.
  • * Administrative expenses 1.5% of the value of funding.
  • * Full-Casco insurance compulsory.
  • * Compulsory TPL insurance.
  • * Notarial agreement between the parties.
  • * First installment 25 days after signing the contract and other rate once a month
  • * Locking prematurely applied to leasing 2% penalty of the residual value.


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