We have not yet beaten the coronavirus pandemic but now is the time to plan for economic recovery to rebuild the disturbed market.

Europe should grab the opportunity and focus on a recovery based on green investments into a climate neutral economy.

The European Commission’s EUR 750 bn package puts a Green Deal at the heart of Europe’s recovery and encourages investment in sustainable technologies and infrastructure.

Stalling the electrification plans or seeking support for conventional car sales would be the wrong way. We should not let our climate pay for the pandemic.

People want sustainable products and expect us to act. We see that in our sales figures, the share of electrified cars has doubled despite the pandemic.

Supporting investments in charging infrastructure and renewable energy are what we need.

Volvo Cars is a contributor to climate change and has a responsibility to act. In 2025 we aim for half of our car sales to be fully electric, with the rest hybrids.

To reinforce our stance, Volvo Cars today joins the Green Recovery Alliance. The Alliance brings together companies, NGOs, government officials and others in a Call for Action for economic recovery based on sustainability.

Let’s use this historic opportunity to invest in the future, generating sustainable growth and millions of jobs in Europe.


Håkan SamuelssonBy:

Håkan Samuelsson

Chief Executive Volvo Car Group