Specialized Services

Mektrin Motors offers a range of specialized services to its clients.

Maintenance: Electrical Repair and diagnostic tools. Diagnosis is performed with specialized equipment for each mark means. Rapid and effective intervention for you delivered a perfect tool!

Car electrician, repair and maintenance of the air conditioning system of the vehicle. Being carried out at different intervals so time to have a perfect environment so your cabin.

Tire repair, technical measurements and vehicle registration (convergence), as well as balancing the tires. These processes are necessary for a safe trip.

Wagon: opened by little and the car paint shop, Higjenizim of seating, seating washing. Wash and Polishing karrocerise.

Special Service: Your New Tool with full tank! Your satisfaction than purchasing a new tool with full fuel tank is added to the professionalism of staff Mektrin Motors thus becoming part of yours.

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Address & Contacts

Address: Highway Durres-Tirane, KM 6.
2000. Durres, Albania
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