Mektrin Showroom

The vehicles traded by Mektrin Motors are mainly imported from neighboring Italy and Germany. This is based on the collaboration with the biggest partners of this sector where we can mention Tirvellato, PadovaStar, AutoStarGroup, AutoStore, and many others, Mektrin Motors has had a successful history of buying and selling during these years of activity thus creating professionalism in the service. and effectiveness.

Two words on the procedures for withdrawing vehicles from the country of origin to us, since the vehicles are purchased by the concessionaires, they constitute a chain of mechanical and electrical controls which enable the real condition of the vehicle. It is a condition that every used tool that is returned to the subject of resale, has the entire history of services authorized with original parts.

Every day more and more demand increases to have a new cars but with significant value and affordable by the clients. The website is always updated with the newest vehicles, the ones that are coming as well as the newest offers.