Periodical Services

Mektrin Motors with its qualified staff provides control of your vehicle as well as regular services under the service book for the respective vehicle. Furthermore, we offer personalized service to several clients Mektrin Motors.

Service advantages:

The overall control for cars that are close to expiring from the guarantee, to make you aware of, and be prepared for a follow-services, thus being updated with the conditions of your vehicle. Controls and personalized services and fixed fees. Giving you the ability to minimize maintenance expenses your vehicle and having a well-filled history for the future.


Available wide range of additional accessories for the brand Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. Configured in the respective catalogs you have the opportunity to personalize your vehicle in the manner that you like. Commissioned and erected in record time in the air workshop Mektrin Motors, who is licensed accessories from factory articles for each brand, give you a feel totally improve your vehicle.

Express Service:

At Mektrin Motors will find at any time a vacancy, without a reserved time for your vehicle, for the following services:

  • Substitution of oil and filters
  • Change ferrotave
  • Change tamburove
  • Replacement of belts and battery
  • Replacement windscreen wiper and water level control

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